Melbourne. Day 2

Hi guys, thanks for viewing day by day. Before start my blog, I would like to sorry to my readers, last post I promised will updated next day but is already over 2day still not yet update? Feel apologetic cause  I'm not feeling well that day & the following day. So the post delayed until today, Monday.  

By the way, I'm still fighting with those virus today not totally get well. Hmm, maybe this post a little bit like bored or not in expect that interested? I don't know. Let's start the story .. Day two @ Melbourne. Early in the morning woke up by an annoying sound - my mum. {Still in bed? Wakeup!} {Wakeup arh, see the time so late already} and blah blah blah .. I think everyone have the problem that feel not willing wake up at hotel's bed right? No idea why so sleepy hmmm. Around 10o'clock get ready and went out.  PS : My family & I all wearing 2-3 pants and shirt. So cold menn! 

- Even taking picture my hand till inside pocket. C-O-L-D-D-D-D-D :(

- I think everyone who go to Melbourne also will cross this bridge right? 

Walk around 20min we reach a bus stop & waiting for a FREE bus. what? free bas? Yup. Australia offer to those tourists a free bus. That bus will pass by many famous building @ Melbourne. One stop by one stop. The free bus will arrive every 25min *If I dint remember wrong? haah* So when we reach the bus stop, The free bus pass by already. Unlucky men! Well, then we waiting for the next bus at 25min more. During the time, we went to the National Gallery of Victoria. As usual, dint bough anything at souvenirs shop. Something like 5min I walk out from there already. hmm, too bored for me? I think so, not suit me lahh ;) 

- I'm wearing mask cause of flu that day. Some more that I scare cold haha!

- Mummy. Outside the Gallery 

- Bus Stop. Saw? hehehehehe.

If you see clearly upstairs that pictures, there are some white stalls at the left hand side. This road are just beside the Gallery. Yupp, before the bus coming I went to there to have a look, shocked me when I saw those this .....

- I haven ready yet daddy already capture, ghost.

- That person bend down the finger suddenly =='

- Nose. Two big hole there *HAHAHAHA*

SAW?! What a Big leg, ear, mouth, hand and nose? Don't think they are just lying on there. THEY WILL MOVE! Of cause got people inside but then I don't know why they can jump everywhere and lying down & without anyone to pull them up. They can lie down themselves and get up themselves. So awesome men. And the foot, you guys saw? When I walk around taking picture, that foot like wanna step to my body. haha, how interested! Playing w/ them around 10mintues then that Free bus arrive already. Actually that bus named : Tourists shuttle. Not FREEBUS. hahaa, Get into bus, that driver using a mic say welcome. No wonder named tourists shuttle, when the bus start moving and pass by those building, that driver will use the mic introduce the story about the building and tell us where are we. 

Melbourne City tourist shuttle. Hmm, take around 45min we reach a stand that nearby the Melbourne University. We get down from the bas and visit the university. No reason why we are here, mummy just wanna show us if we hardworking study then can live the life like those student and blah blah .. *annoying leh HAHA* Quite big and the classroom are awesome. Maybe I never visit college or university only will feel it awesome? actually is just normal? hahah, I don't know.

- From the left hand side : me, brother, mummy & grandma

- Melbourne's University 

- Mummy like to taking picture around, like me ;P

- Romantic shot by me. Daddy & mummy

Walk around the university until bored then went out waiting the tourist shuttle again. We take bus again went to another place that can high tea. How comfortable when drinking hot chocolate in this time?! So we found a shop that just selling chocolate drinks. Most famous and popular is that Spicy Chocolate. So special yuppp? I never drink before, did you guys?

- Chocolate design shop ..

- A lot of taste about chocolate. #So Cool

- Here is the spicy chocolate, 5Level spicy only this cupp.

If you wanna ask me how is the taste of this spicy chocolate. I have no idea how to answer. Hmm, Just a little spicy when drink it after that definitely don't feel spicy. *Not like NasiLemak can spicy until half hour haha* After that, we walk around nearby this shop and taking picture. Opps, don't misunderstanding. I'm taking picture but is just the view @ Melbourne not myself. Don't know why dint have any mood to taking picture during that time, hmm :( By the way, I realize that Melbourne all street are so crowed and the alleys are full of graffiti. What is that?! Graffiti? Let's see picture ..

- One of the street. They are workingggggg :D

- So creative and Art skill 100%

As the same, almost nearly night time the itinerary staring bored. Nothing else can shop just walk around like stupid, no idea why their life can amazing without those 'nightlife' club? Of course, got some bar are opening but compare to Malaysia, they are so quiet even bar or club are not playing those hot song, just playing some romantic song. LOL, no comment hahaha. But I prefer the night life @ Malaysia, ex : When you are hungry or boring at the midnight time you can go somewhere else to having supper, something like mamak, bekguteh, food stalls or dessert restaurant? I'm pretty sure is so crowed even is at 3am right? Hehe! By the way, they got their own life style, maybe just that type not suit Malaysian? hmmmm :)

Around 11 o'clock back to hotel. I still remember every night when I get back to hotel & I'll chat w/ my bosom friend, Tanwanwan. Even we are far apart but the conversation dint go boring still chat until stomach pain *Everytime we chat, I don't know why sure got something else let us chat like so crazy laugh like so stupid. hmm?* Sharing our own story day by day. #CherishThisFuckingBFF Hmm. I think is too long for this post? Okay, Let me end the story by using my picture, see you!


Hi. Melbourne

Hello. I'm here to blog about the memorable trip w/ family. No idea how to start this blog cause I have been long time never update my babe blog. Don't blame if this post make you quite disappointed. Hmm? why disappointed? I know my blog skill weak than before very much! So now you guys prefer to see English or Chinese at my blog? haha. Leave your comment @ this post :D Hmmmm, but this post I'm going to use English cause I feel Chinese like stranger now, long time never type chinese or write. *Aww. Don't blame me GOD* BUT of course I still speak Chinese, That's my mother tongue. Back to the post : MELBOURNE TRIP w/ sweety family ★

Let me recall last week what I have done. hmmm, I still remember the day fly to Melbourne and I still going to school at the morning. how hardworking am I? Ngekk! The fly are @ 10.30pm. After school rush back to home and get ready to airport. Belike 5'o clock taxi reach my home to fetch us go to the LCCT airport. This is the first time I go to LCCT airport, before used to take Malaysia air line hmm. Quite shocked when I reach the airport. Its so H-O-T ! Check in luggage, having dinner ( oh ghost. That time is 'buka puasa' Can't even find a sit at McDonals LOL? ) Done all this and get ready to FLY! Before going up to airplane keep tweeting and Instaing. Thanks those friends who wish me save and sound! So touch to see alot of comment ask me take care. I'm pretty great at Australia. Thanks friends! Don't worry me ;D

The flight from KL to Melbourne,Australia take 8hours! Omgf, Never take a plane which take so long time. But is okay the flight at night time and I can sleep at usual time. Quite hard to sleep at the flight cause I'm not the type of 'PIG' heheee! A little bit sound can wake me up suddenly. Suffer please. The picture at upstairs is the view at almost 6 o' clock i think? SO SHOCKED when saw this! This is the first time I take night flight and saw this kind of view. how awesome? I swear this picture is capture by me not google it and post. Hmmm ~ Almost 8'o clock ( Melbourne time ) We reach the Melbourne's airport. Hurayyyyyyyyyyy!

Time at Melbourne is faster than Malaysia 2 hours.
Temperature at Melbourne is lower than Malaysia 20•C
We don't stay it long time at airport for shopping, after let airport police officers check those thing and rush to hotel. I still remember after they scan all luggage still use a black dog to smell our luggage! The dog even fatter than me and taller than me, Awesome dog! Done all and take taxi go to Melbourne Short Stay Apartment, 88 kavanagth street. Yup, that's my hotel. So excited when parents open the door, brother and me keep should loud WOW! We never stay a hotel like this, 31 floor, Big, Clean, Nice view and blah blah blahh..

So cool right? Love till the max please hehehe! After take a break at hotel go to town find some delicious food to fill my stomach! (So damn wtf, I hate to eat the airplane's food. Taste sucks! Everytime I ate a little then throw all, of course this time same. So I just keep hungry at the 8hours plane wtfff. ) Walk,walk,walk to the town .. Cross,cross,cross the bridge .. Finally we found a restaurant that are so crowed which full of Australians. They are so handsome and pretty even they are just waitress. OMG! They are so polite & friendly too keep smiling to ALL CUSTOMER. If at malaysia .. what will happen? hmmmmmm haha :)

- While waiting the food ...

- She got her own style like rocker, cool men!

- So handsome!! See clearly, you can see his side hair? Is a arrow shape!

- Daddy eating the bread hehehehe.

- Mummy. I have no idea why her skin colour white than me T.T

After having our lunch, we walk to the city - SouthBank. But actually mine hotel at southbank too just walk to the city wanna take a fews minutes, something like 15min? Maybe? But is nothing actually,not tired! I think is the weather cause? If at malaysia walk 5min, we are like ice-cream while face to sun will dissolve,haha! Reach the town .. the first building go in is the Church! Feel awesome please, and I'm not Christian so I never step into church even one time hmm. My dad said to me 'Thanks God, your first time step into Church not married' hahaha lame!

-Outside & inside the Church ..
- Mummy and I

- Look short in this picture, hmmm ..

- The Church #Melbourne #4picture here ..

After visited the Church, we went to shopping at the city. Quite expensive the price of every item so we just walk around without buy anything heheeee. Did you knew that? Malaysia Rm3.3 only can changed to Australia $1dollar. Omgff right? One bottle or water spend rm6 to buy it aww! So hurt even spending $1 dollar at there. hmm :(

The first day dint go anywhere just keep shopping & eating. Around 5o'clock all restaurant & shop are CLOSED! why? I don't know too. Just the rules there treat staff so good, Open shop at 10o'clock morning and close it at the evening 5pm. But is suffer for the tourist. We have no idea should go where after all this. But lucky there have a street named 'TangRenJie' Yupp, quite a lot of the chineseman immigrant to there and work. The street are open until 10pm. After having dinner * I forgot what I ate haha * went back to hotel. Feel comfortable when bathing with hot water is this cold weather hehehe! So the day one post that's all. Bye, remember back to my blogger tomorrow. Day two @ Melbourne. STAY TURNED 



久違了. 不知道什麽時候開始打部落的習慣已經沒有了. 就好像沒有當初那樣熱血很愛上部落報告一番儘管只是那些雞毛小事. 這次上來也很沒有目的就只是很想念這個地方. 在我還沒有寫這篇之間我回味了之前我所寫的部落當中有開心有悲傷有驚喜有煩惱. 這輩子我想我最沒有後悔做的事情就是寫部落了 有些事真的不記下來很難想起 許多點點的甜蜜當初沒有覺得很幸福但是現在重溫一番了真的感覺當時的我怎麼啦 那麼多美好事物還在煩惱什麽? 我很羡慕 很羡慕以前的我 還有以前我所擁有的一切. 不知幾時開始 我慢慢開始失去一切擁有的 或許是我改變了 或許是上天給我的另個生活方式吧. 回味了之前所有那麼多帖子 讓我看到哭得就是去年我生日的那篇 很震撼很感動. 還記得當時我寫我生日的部落還在哪裡抱怨說很懶惰很長 但是現在我真的很感激自己當時沒有因為懶惰而放棄那篇. 或許對別人來說還算一般的慶祝會 但是對我來說真的是滿滿的友愛. 好想時間只是停留在2011年 哪熱血瘋狂的那年 哪氣勢勃勃的那年 哪簡單的我愛你你愛我的那年.

把話題拉回來最近. 高一生涯沒有忙什麽 也不就是考試考試再考試. 生活忙忙碌碌不知不覺已經踏入了六月份 對於其他學生來說六月當然是個普通月. 但那是我校的運動健將們開始打拼的時候了因為運動會被選定在這個月. 吼雖然我不是什麽學校健將或者代表之類的但是也算對我的運動組出一份力量吧 嘻嘻 從去年開始就參加了啦啦隊,一開始覺得好玩才進入 但是其實學的時候一點也不簡單 總是在失敗中學習吧? 哈. 去年很榮欣的在比賽中奪冠 當然今年的目標也不就是第一名嗎? 真的很希望一直保持第一名. 當然光說沒有用所以最近我們都加把勁的不斷練習了 有隊員投訴很累 (我第一個投訴 Zzz 哈哈) 有隊員投訴說滿身傷痛 有隊員說很辛苦 總總的投訴都有但是彼此都沒有想過放棄的念頭. 還是那句, 很榮幸我是 Mawar 這個隊 ;P

Hi. 就突然很想你. 哪曾所謂的什麽永遠不散的姐妹. 距離把我們拉遠了? 那麼一天, 我們再也沒有聊不完的話題 再也沒有什麽彼此之間的小秘密 再也沒有別人聽不懂的話語. 我們越來越對彼此有禮貌了 我們越來越陌生了 .. 有人說啊 比失戀更痛苦的事就是失去了那個原本完完整整屬於自己的知己. 這段幾年友誼究竟是誰的錯也不任由他人來批評. 忙碌的生活把我們給生疏了 就好像愛情雙方沒有努力去維持到最後也是糊裡糊塗的失去. 不管怎麼樣我還是要謝謝你一直以來的陪伴 一直以來的支持 就不知道爲什麽你的一句慰問話可以很成功的安撫我的心情. 不管關係變得多麼糟糕我還是希望我們還是哪很有默契的姐妹. 若別人問起你的好姐妹是誰你的腦海裡閃過的會不會是我的名字我的樣貌? 感情久了不是不愛了而是依賴 當是失去時不是痛而是不捨.

其實很想念的曾經關於那些人哪些事 不能說忘掉就忘掉. 想念我們曾肆無忌禪的笑 想念我們曾經的喜怒哀樂 想念我們曾天真的誓言 想念我們的一切一切 只是如今我已釋懷. 誰都不是誰的誰 誰也不會一輩子的留在身邊. 我只希望我們一直活得好好的 好好的笑 好好的過 好好的一輩子即使彼此不再屬於對方. 人的一生都會有些說不出口的秘密 挽不回的遺憾 觸不到的夢 忘不了的愛 .. 就好像 - 他.


Primary school gathering

Halo 我回來了哈哈之前那幾篇很悲傷有沒有把你們嚇壞了? 我也不知道爲什麽把部落搞得那麼死氣成成這篇來點搖滾風吧! 哈,時光飛逝 前幾天我和我的老朋友竟然實行了承諾了4年的口頭承諾就是小學聚會啊! 這聽起來容易但做起來真的非1般的簡單因為大家都忙著自己的學業補習還有的忙什麽我也不曉得哈哈. 小學朋友? 哈我現在高1了呢,相差有4年了.怎麼搞的這4年裏面我是怎麼度過的怎麼感覺輕飄飄才剛上中學? 俗語說的沒有錯1寸光陰1寸金啊. Hmm 在開始這的話題前我想提起我的1位老朋友,哈姓名保密. 前幾天接到他的電話還以為發生了什麽事因為無事不登三寶殿的嘛他打來也沒說什麽就問問我的近況還有怎麼我的部落那麼悲.雖然1句簡單問候也很溫馨 他也很有記性每次我生日他也不忘的打來說聲生日快樂.哈!看著我的部落的你是否在偷笑? 那位那位你別打來說謝謝咧很尷尬 haha 只想透過部落向你道謝. 好啦,進入我的話題 : 小學聚會

1 2 3 ... 怎麼那麼少人哈哈還記得小學每1班至少40個人 嘿其他的呢?看到這篇部落的你們不要再缺席了啦. Hmm 到齊的朋友我們再接再厲的完成每1年的聚會哈哈哈. 前幾天他們就通知了我說有聚會哈當時的我真的很期待很開心忙著選衣服,還記得當時試了20多件衣服都不滿意最後還是選了我最愛的衣服哈哈. 當天我們約好了12點準在Pavilion 大門口集合誰也不能遲到哈非常準時的我當然也沒有遲到嘿嘿 12點準剛剛好到哪裡就看見幾個老朋友過後1個接1個來了男生們都給彼此1個擁抱 大約集合了5,6位人數我們就去餐廳等候未到的朋友們. 遲到的人好欠扁哈哈哈 Hmm ~ 我們在選吃東西地點時候考慮了好久男的也很沒有主見的什麽都點頭說隨便 (哈 ~ 就是說你們不要不認了男生們嘿嘿) 最後由女生決定 - Pavilion Wongkok 

Boomshakalaka ~~ 這場聚會非常成功哈哈. 這1次的相聚比我想像中的美好大家并沒有把場面搞得好僵(畢竟4年沒有好好聯絡了哈)反而大家爭先恐後的說起當年在班上的一幕一幕 那些搞笑的場景再1次漂浮在我腦海 相信很多畢業生的話題少不了Benggong老師吧? (勵志華小畢業生啦我意思是haha) 大家都把場面鬧得熱烘烘的真的很開心啊. 好想再回到那些年的時候回到教室再一次的鬧瘋了整個教室, 大家都有同感有沒有? Hmm , 不管怎麼樣我們都不要變成陌生人好不好? 天下無不散之筵席 大家努力地過往著自己的目標前進吧 ^__^ 儘管多年以後會比現在更加的忙碌 忙自己的生活但是1年只要抽出1天來聚會那就好了哈 #Memorable day 

2008‘s 6B 畢業生 你們是我遇過最棒的朋友 :)
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